Jailer Movie Review: Rajinikanth’s Energy and Charisma Overcome the Flaws of this Routine Story

Jailer Movie Review: Thalaiwa Rajinikanth has been waiting for a big hit for a long time. He came up with Jailer movie to impress his fans. The movie created a lot of hype with its star cast and crew. Did Thalaiva score a hit with Jailer? How is the movie?

A Rajinikanth movies always have high expectations among audience, Not only in India, but also in other countries, his fans are eagerly waiting for his movies. Moreover, this movie has big stars from Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bollywood industries. This increased the anticipation for the movie. How did the movie turn out?

The plot is… Muthu Vale Pandian (Rajinikanth) is a retired jailer. He lives happily with his wife Vijaya (Ramyakrishna), son, daughter-in-law and grandson. Muthu’s son Arjun (Vasant Ravi) is a police officer. He has been working on a case for years. He gets threats from some people to drop the case. But he does not care. One day Arjun goes missing. His superiors think he is dead. But Muthu cannot accept it.

He tries to find out what happened to his son. As a result, Varma (Vinayakan) attacks Muthu’s family members. What happened to Muthu’s son? Who is Varma? What happened to Muthu’s family? What did Muthu do for his family? You have to watch Jailer movie to know the answers.

Jailer Movie Review:

Rajinikanth’s movie Basha was released long ago. Everyone knows how big a hit that movie was. Rajinikanth played two shades in that movie. The audience who watched Jailer movie will get that feel again. Retro Rajinikanth can be seen on screen once more. His style is needless to say. Fans will love it. Rajini’s heroism has been showcased very well. It is hard to believe that Rajini is over 70 years old. He performed with so much energy. Thalaiva has a lot of screen presence in the movie. Rajini plays a character younger than his age… but he has a lot of vigor.

The roles of Shivraj Kumar, Mohanlal and Jackie Shroff are also crucial. They are part of the story. Their support to the protagonist should be watched on the screen. Actor Vinayakan did a great job as the villain. He impressed with a different mannerism. The comedy between Rajini and Yogi Babu is good. It makes everyone laugh. Sunil was not used much. Nagababu also appears for a short time. And Tamannaah Bhatia appears in one song… and has few scenes only.

The BGM in Jailer movie deserves a special mention. The background score given by Anirudh Ravichander suits Rajini’s style very well. It helps to elevate Rajinikanth’s heroism. Cinematography is also good. Some twists in the movie are also good. Director Nelson… after Beast… tried to show his mark in the movie.

But some of the scenes in the movie are violent. The audience has to bear them. The length of the movie seems too long. Sometimes the audience gets bored. The first half is fast paced. The second half slows down a bit. The speed picks up again in the climax. If the director had focused more on the story in the second half, it would have been better. It is not a new story… Some twists and turning points can be predicted by the audience. And when it comes to songs… Tamanna… Except Nuv Kavalaiya song… There is no other song to remember.

In conclusion… if you go to Jailer movie… you will enjoy the first half… you will be slightly disappointed with the second half. Climax gives a little boost. You can watch the movie for Rajini’s heroism.