Kajal Aggarwal Unhappy with Bhagwant Kesari Team: Avoids Success Celebrations

Kajal Aggarwal Unhappy with Bhagwant Kesari Team: Avoids Success Celebrations

The success celebrations of Bhagwant Kesari movie took place in Hyderabad on Thursday. The entire film unit, including Balakrishna and Sreeleela, attended the event. However, heroine Kajal Aggarwal was missing from the celebrations. This is not a coincidence. For the past few days, the film team, along with Balakrishna and Sreeleela, have been touring the Telugu states to promote Bhagwant Kesari.

It was surprising that Kajal did not join some of the events they hosted. Kajal, who was part of the promotions before the release, did not show up in any of the ceremonies after the release. It is rumored that Kajal is distancing herself from the promotions due to her dissatisfaction with the Bhagwant Kesari team. The movie became a huge hit with collections of over 125 crores. But most of the credit for the success went to hero Balakrishna and Sreeleela.

Kajal did not have much to do in the movie. Moreover, the reason for Kajal’s displeasure seems to be that director Anil Ravipudi revealed in the promotions of Bhagwant Kesari that Kajal agreed to do the film even though she knew that the heroine’s character was not significant. On the other hand, the team did not mention Kajal’s name much in the promotions after the release, and instead praised Sreeleela a lot.

That is why Kajal is said to be avoiding Bhagwant Kesari’s success celebrations. It is reported that she did not attend the event even though she was in Hyderabad. Kajal had a similar experience with Acharya movie.

Director Koratala Siva deleted Kajal’s scenes from the film after the shooting was completed. Kajal faced the same situation again with Bhagwant Kesari. On the other hand, the teaser of Satyabhama movie, in which Kajal plays the lead role, was released on Friday. Kajal is seen as a powerful police officer in the movie.