Mehreen Pirzada’s Stunning Transformation: Chubby to Zero Size

Mehreen Pirzada’s Stunning Transformation: Chubby to Zero Size

Punjabi beauty Mehreen Pirzada has been absent from Tollywood since the success of ‘F-3’. She did not get any opportunities after that hit, despite having some successful films in her career. Her career did not take off as she hoped, and she has not released a Telugu film in a year. It seems that she has shifted her focus to Kannada, as she did not see any benefit from waiting for chances.

Currently, Mehreen only has two projects in hand. One is a Tamil bilingual film, and the other is a short film. She was expected to sign Prabhas’ upcoming ‘Raja Deluxe’ with Maruti, but it did not happen. Past few months she has been less active on social media.This led to the question of what happened to Mehreen.

It seems that she recently went on a vacation to Greece. She shared some photos from Greece, where she tried to wear a traditional Greek dress. She looked stunning in a black-and-white one-shoulder dress with a golden bralette. She has completely transformed into a zero size figure. The changes she made to her body, which was once chubby and curvy, gave her a new look. Mehreen’s face looked serene. Now these photos have gone viral. After a gap, the fans are enjoying the beautiful photos. It is reported that she has moved from Hyderabad to Punjab now.

Check Out Mehreen Pirzada Stunning Trasformation Photos:

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