Prabhu Deva’s Wulfa: A Translation Blunder That Sparked Trolls

Despite the success or failure of his previous movies Prabhu Deva is busy with acting in Tamil films. Prabhu Deva is currently working on a Pan Indian movie called Wolf. The new poster of this movie was released on Wednesday.

However, the Telugu title of this movie was changed to Wulfa due to translation errors. The makers also released the title poster, which has become viral on social media. Many netizens are making fun of this movie title, as Wulfa is a comedy slang word in Telugu. Some netizens are commenting that the makers did not even bother to check the meaning of the word.

Critics are saying that the title reflects the lack of dedication from the makers. Some netizens are making jokes that the title makes a big difference. This is Prabhu Deva’s 60th film as a hero. The movie is directed by Vinu Venkatesh.

Raai lakshmi and Anasuya Bharadwaj are playing important roles in this movie. The movie has a supernatural horror story as its theme. Prabhu Deva is also doing another movie called Flashback in Tamil, along with Wolf.

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