Aryan Khan’s Bold Choices: Rejects Shah Rukh Khan’s Cameo and Rs.120 Crore Deal for His Web Series

aryan khan web series

Bollywood King Khan Shah Rukh Khan son Aryan Khan has inherited his father’s good looks and charisma, but he has chosen a different path. Aryan Khan is making his film industry debut as a director with a web series. However, he has surprised everyone by rejecting his father’s offer to do a cameo in his web series and also turning down a huge deal from an OTT platform for his web series.

Usually, when a star hero’s son becomes a director, he tries to cash in on his father’s image and fame by featuring him in a guest role in his first or second film. This is a common trend in any film industry for years. But Aryan Khan has decided not to do that. He has politely declined his father’s offer to act in his first web series, saying that he does not want to give the impression that he is using his father’s status to gain success in the industry. He wants to prove himself as a director on his own merit.

Another interesting thing about Aryan Khan is that he has also refused a lucrative offer from a leading OTT platform for the rights of his first web series. The OTT platform offered him Rs.120 crores for the web series, which is a huge amount for a debutant director. But Aryan Khan said no to that offer as well. He said that he does not want to sign any deal until the shooting and editing of the web series is completed.

This shows that Aryan Khan is very confident and careful about his work as a director. He does not want to compromise on the quality and creativity of his web series. He is producing the web series along with his parents, Shah Rukh and Gauri. The web series will have six episodes in total.

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