Baby Movie Review: A Film that Challenges Your Notions of Love

Baby is a Telugu romantic drama written and directed by Sai Rajesh, starring Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya and Viraj Ashwin in the lead roles. The film released on July 14, 2023 and received mixed to positive reviews from critics and audiences.

Baby movie revolves around the love triangle between Anand, Vaishnavi and Viraj Characters. Anand and Vaishnavi are childhood sweethearts who belong to a poor slum area. Anand drives an auto-rickshaw to support his family, while Vaishnavi joins a prestigious engineering college on a scholarship. There, she meets Viraj, a rich and handsome student who falls for her. Vaishnavi also gets attracted to Viraj’s lavish lifestyle and his affection for her. She starts to drift away from Anand, who feels insecure and angry about her changing behavior. He tries to control her and stop her from mingling with Viraj and her new friends. Vaishnavi resents his possessiveness and decides to break up with him. However, she soon realizes that she still loves Anand and wants to get back with him. But Anand is hurt by her betrayal and refuses to forgive her. Meanwhile, Viraj is not ready to give up on Vaishnavi and tries to win her over by any means. The movie explores the complexities of love, friendship, loyalty and betrayal among these three characters.

Baby Movie Review
Baby is a solid, morally ambiguous drama that thrives in the flaws of its characters. The movie does not shy away from showing the dark and toxic sides of love and human nature. The characters are not perfect or idealistic, but realistic and relatable. They make mistakes, hurt each other, regret their actions, and they seek redemption. The movie does not judge them or take sides, but lets the audience decide who they empathize with. The film also touches upon the themes of class divide, social pressure and gender dynamics in a subtle and effective way.

baby movie review

The film benefits from the solid performances of its lead actors, who bring out the emotions and conflicts of their characters convincingly. Anand Deverakonda delivers a mature and restrained performance as Anand, who struggles to cope with his inferiority complex, possessiveness and anger issues. Vaishnavi Chaitanya is the shining star of Baby, as she plays Vaishnavi, a woman who is torn between two men and two worlds. She expresses her character’s confusion, guilt, joy and pain with subtlety and grace. Viraj Ashwin is impressive as Viraj, who is not just a typical rich boy, but a genuine and caring person who respects Vaishnavi’s choices.

baby movie review

The movie also has a good technical team behind it. The cinematography by M N Balreddy captures the contrast between the slum and the city life with vivid colors and angles. The music by Vijai Bulganin complements the mood and theme of the movie with soulful songs and background score. The editing by Viplav Nyshadam is crisp and smooth, keeping the pace of the movie engaging.

baby movie review

The film’s major drawback is its length, which could have been trimmed by at least 15 minutes. Some scenes feel repetitive and unnecessary, such as the multiple fights between Anand and Viraj, or the college scenes that do not add much to the plot. The film also suffers from some cliches and stereotypes, such as the portrayal of Vaishnavi’s friends as shallow and manipulative, or the use of alcohol as a catalyst for drama.


Baby is a movie that will make you think, feel and question your own views on love and life. This movie will leave you with mixed feelings, but also with a satisfaction of watching a well-made film. It is a movie that deserves your attention and appreciation.