Kushi Trailer : A Roller Coaster Ride of Love and Family

Vijay Deverakonda, who has a huge fan base among the youth, has bounced back from his previous disappointment and has raised the expectations of his fans with his new film Kushi directed by Siva Nirvana, who also made Ninnu Kori and Majili. Samantha Ruth Prabhu plays female leads opposite vijay devarakonda, who adds more hype to the film. The trailer of Kushi was launched at a grand event in Hyderabad today, and it revealed the plot of the film.

The trailer starts with Vijay’s dialogue ‘Deenamma Kashmir. Same Roja Movie La Vundi’, The film is about Viplove (Vijay Deverakonda), who falls in love with a Muslim girl (Samantha) during his trip to Kashmir. then, the real twist comes. Samantha reveals that she is not a Begum, but a Brahmin. then shows the conflicts that arise in their love and married life due to their horoscopes, which are not compatible, depicts the small fights and emotions between the husband and wife after marriage, and how they cope with the challenges of society and fate. Rahul Ramakrishna adds some comic relief by saying ‘We will die in marriage’, while Vijay vows to show the society how a husband should be. There is also a brief action scene in the trailer.

Kushi trailer promises to be a complete family entertainer, with romance, comedy, drama, and action. The suspense remains whether the couple will reunite or not in the end. Samantha, Vijay Deverakonda, and Shiva Nirvana are all looking for a comeback with this movie, after facing flops like Shakunthalam, Liger, and Tuck Jagadish respectively. Will Khushi bring them the success they deserve? we have to wait and see.

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