Chiranjeevi’s Bhola Shankar in Trouble: Government Rejects Ticket Price Hike 

Chiranjeevi’s Bhola Shankar in Trouble

The government’s approval for hiking the ticket prices of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s upcoming movie ‘Bhola Shankar’, which is slated to release tomorrow, is in doubt. Sources from the government say that the application submitted by the movie team was incomplete and did not provide all the required details. Officials say that the application for increasing the ticket prices did not follow the rules.

The government has some criteria for allowing a movie to increase its ticket prices, such as shooting 20 percent of the movie in AP, having a total production cost of Rs. 100 crores excluding the hero and heroine’s remuneration, and providing full details of the budget. However, sources say that the application did not have any of these details and only gave some partial information. They say that the government will make a decision on the ticket hike issue only after receiving the rest of the details.

Bholashankar’s movie will hit the screens on August 11. It is known that the 200 days celebration of Waltair Verayya movie, which was released during Sankranti festival, took place in Hyderabad. Megastar Chiranjeevi, who spoke at this event, made sensational comments against government. Chiranjeevi’s comments created a sensation. At this juncture, his latest movie Bhola Shankar’s release and the ticket price hike issue have become a hot topic of discussion.

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