Baby OTT Release Date

baby  ott release date

Baby OTT Release Date: Aha OTT has shared the news that all the movie lovers have been looking forward to. Baby Movie, which came out last month and became a cult hit, has revealed the OTT release date. The movie will be available for streaming from August 25. Aha OTT announced this through their Twitter account on Friday (August 18).

“Get ready to witness the “Cult love story of the decade” one more time. Baby will make you fall in love, scream in anger and cry at the same time. Premieres Aug 25. If you can’t wait till then, subscribe to aha gold and enjoy the movie 12 hours early.” Aha tweeted.

A day before, Aha had said that they would give an update on the OTT release date of the baby movie on Friday. As expected, the OTT release date was confirmed shortly after and delighted the fans. The film, starring Anand Devarakonda, Vaishnavi and Viraj Ashwin, was a smash hit at the box office. The movie got positive feedback from the first show on the opening day.

The director has portrayed this triangle love story with three characters in a beautiful way on screen so that the young audience can relate to it. Triangle love stories are very common on Tollywood screens. But in this movie, the director has attempted to show how the romances of today are transparent and honest. The story begins from the perspective of Anand Deverakonda as a heartbroken lover. The director has depicted the love story of school days in a very nostalgic way.

In terms of acting in this movie, heroine Vaishnavi Chaitanya scores more than both the heroes. In her debut movie, she became famous for a character with multiple shades. The way she showed variation in the character with innocence and cunning is commendable. Anand Devarakonda has displayed mature acting as an auto driver. He impressed in the emotional scenes. Viraj did justice to the stylish role as an engineering student.

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