Actor Naresh Wins Case Against Ramya Raghupathi

Actor Naresh Wins Case Against Ramya Raghupathi

The Bengaluru City Civil Court on Tuesday dismissed the petition filed by Actor Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi to prevent the release of the movie Malli Pelli on OTT and satellite channels. The court confirmed that the remarriage story was completely fictional and Ramya Raghupathi’s allegations were not valid.. No private person has the right to stop the release of a movie after it has received the approval of the Censor Board.

The court said that Malli Pelli film can be screened on OTT as well as satellites without any hindrance. Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh played the lead roles in the movie Malli Pelli directed by MS Raju. The film is based on the incidents in Naresh’s life.

Ramya Raghupathi has approached Hyderabad and Bangalore court to stop the release of this movie on OTT and satellite, saying that the characters in Malli Pelli are meant to defame her personality. Recently, the court gave a verdict against Ramya Raghupathi on Tuesday. Apart from dismissing Ramya Raghupathi’s petition, the court also accepted the suit imposing a ban on Ramya Raghupathi’s entry into Naresh’s house in Nanakramguda. Naresh had filed a case against Ramya Raghupathi in the past, alleging that she had harassed him and his family.

The court confirmed that Naresh and Ramya Raghupathi had been separated for six years. The court accepted Naresh’s evidence that Ramya Raghupathi had conducted a sting operation on his house with the help of a Kannada channel and that she had caused trouble for the senior citizens living in his house in Nanakramguda.

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