Buchibabu Hints at Sreeleela as the Heroine for His Next Film with Ram Charan: Fans React

Director Buchi Babu who made a sensational debut with a 100 crore film uppena, is all set to make a Pan India movie with Ram Charan. The script is almost ready and there are rumours that the hero will play a dual role in a rural setting with a sports theme. However, the truth of these rumours is yet to be confirmed. The music for the film will be composed by AR Rahman, who has already revealed this in an interview. The official announcement from the unit is still awaited.

The only thing left for the film is the heroine selection. Buchi babu gave a hint about this in the recent pre-release event of Slum Dog Husband. He said that he was looking for a Telugu girl for his film, but he could not find one till now, Buchi Babu said, he did not want to compromise and he looked at sreeleela who was present at the event and said that she was a good actress. Sreeleela smiled at his words. This sparked a debate among the fans about whether she will be the heroine opposite Charan.

Sreeleela is currently one of the most sought-after actresses in Tollywood, with several films in her kitty. She is already working with Mahesh Babu in Guntur Karalo and has bagged a role in Pawan Kalyan’s Ustad Bhagat Singh. If she also gets to star with Charan, it will be a jackpot for her. By the time Buchibabu starts shooting his film, Sreeleela’s other projects will be completed. So there will be no issue with her dates or availability. Buchibabu may not find a better option than her so easily.

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