My Name Is Shruti Movie Review

My Name Is Shruti Movie Review

Hansika made her debut in Tollywood with the movie Deshamuduru. She became one of the leading actresses in Telugu cinema. After a gap, she returned to the Tollywood screen with My Name is Shruti. This movie is a crime thriller directed by Srinivas Omkar. Is My Name Is Shruti a successful comeback for Hansika? Let’s find out…

Story Line..

Shruti (Hansika) is an ad agency employee. She has a dream of marrying her lover Charan and living happily. But her life changes when she finds the corpse of a girl named Anu (Pooja Ramachandran) in her apartment. She is arrested for the murder of Anu.

MLA Gurumurthy’s (Adukalam Naren) goons try to kill Shruti, who is the prime suspect in the murder case. Why is Shruti the target of the MLA? Did Charan truly love Shruti? How did Shruti discover Charan’s real identity? How did Shruti fight against the skin mafia?

What is the link between Dr. Kiranmai (Prema), Minister Pratap Reddy (Raja Ravindra) and Shruti’s brother-in-law Bobby (Praveen) and the skin trade racket? The movie shows how ACP Ranjith (Murali Sharma) unravels the mystery of the murder case with Shruti’s help.

Many movies have been made in Telugu and Tamil languages on the theme of human organ trafficking, such as Yashoda and Teddy. But director Srinivas Omkar has presented a different story of skin trade and grafting in My Name is Shruti.

Hansika’s one woman show…

My Name is Shruti is a showcase of Hansika’s acting skills. She has portrayed different shades of her character very well. Senior actress Prema and Pooja Ramachandran have impressed with their negative roles. Naresh’s villain role could have been more developed. Muralisharma and Praveen have done justice to their roles. Mark Kay Robin’s music is an asset for the movie.

The concept of My Name is Shruti is novel. Hansika’s fans may enjoy this movie to some extent.