Netflix Launches Game Streaming Service: How to Play on TV and Web

netflix games

Netflix, the popular OTT platform, has launched its game streaming service. It will start public testing of its cloud streaming games this week. In 2021, this digital platform introduced mobile games in its app in November, and now it offers the possibility to play on TVs and computers.

Both games are currently accessible to some users in the US and Canada. Netflix is going to challenge the gaming industry as well as the movie and TV show industry. While this OTT mobile app began with five games in 2021, now up to 50 games are available for Indian users.

Netflix is going to compete with its rivals in this field by allowing users to play games on TV and web browsers through cloud streaming. Currently, two games called Oxenfree and Mining Adventure from Molehu are available for users in America and Canada. If we want to play these games on TV, we can use our phones as controllers.

If you want to play on PCs and Macs, you can go to and play with keyboard and mouse. Android TV users can use the controller through the Netflix app. These cloud streaming games are only available for some users in America and Canada. Soon they will be available for all users worldwide.