The Mystery of Project K: What the Comic Strip Poster Reveals About the Film’s Story

Project K: The movie that everyone is talking about. Starring Pan India rebel star Prabhas, this film is a global sensation that will premiere at the prestigious San Diego Comic Con event. The official title and glimpses of Project K will be revealed in a few hours (July 21 midnight IST) at this event in California, USA. Prabhas, director Nag Ashwin, legendary actor Kamal Haasan and others have already arrived in San Diego.

The hype for Project K is building up at the San Diego Comic Con event. Prabhas has a new look for this film and he is joined by other actors who are dressed as villains in unique costumes. Project K has attracted the attention of not only Indians but also Hollywood fans. Prabhas will play a superhero in this film. Before the release of Glimpse, a comic strip poster from the comic version of Project K has been released online. The comic strip poster has been shared by Vyjayanthi Movies Twitter account. The comic strip gives a hint of the story theme of Project K.

The comic strip of Project K says: “In the dark days of Kali Yuga, when all hope is lost… when warriors are only legends… an evil force has risen to destroy all the gods and turn humans into beasts.” The comic strip shows some people holding weapons and torturing others to test their faith. The villains are forcing them to worship their god or die. “There is no escape, old man… No one will save you… Bow down” says one of them. That’s when Prabhas’s character makes his entry. Prabhas seems to be a god-like figure who comes to rescue the people who are suffering from the evil force in Kali Yuga. This is the theme of the film’s story.

Prabhas will portray a modern version of Vishnumurthy, a superhero in Project K. the film has an impressive lineup of actors Amitabh Bachchan, versatile actor Kamal Haasan and Bollywood Beauty Deepika Padukone in key roles. Ulaganayaan Kamal Haasan is rumored to play the villain role.The film is expected to release early next year.

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