Top 10 Netflix Original Movies Released In 2023 

Top 10 Netflix Original Movies Released In 2023

Looking for some Netflix movies to watch? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share with you the top 10 Netflix original films of 2023 so far. These are the most popular, acclaimed and enjoyable new releases on the streaming platform. To keep things fresh, we’ve only included new titles, not sequels like Extraction 2.

10. The Mother

It is a 2023 action thriller film directed by Niki Caro the film is strictly for action movie enthusiasts as the plot is typical of many action films out there with little to no innovation making the picture an acceptable watch the main character of the story is a female assassin known as the mother who teams up with the Rogue weapons Trader Hector and a risky plan to transport guns for cash and Glory but as the mother becomes pregnant she finds that the individual she works with have involvement in kidnapping children for this reason she makes a promise to protect her unborn child to stop Hector and save her child she asks for the police help by serving as an informant but when a Hector Army of men threatens her daughter she emerges from undercover and races quickly to defend her from these terrible men overall Jennifer Lopez is the main force in the film but as I earlier stated it is a standard assassin gone Rogue type of Thriller however it has nice suspense and some good action moments that provide nothing new but it’s enjoyable enough

9. Chupa 

It is a 2023 fantasy action adventure film directed by Jonas Cuaron the scenario takes place in 1996 when a researcher by the name of Richard Quinn is searching for the chupacabra a widely believed legendary beast and hopes that its claimed ability to heal will advance the field of medicine on the other side the main narrative centers are Alex a young boy who tragically lost his dad and makes the first trip to his grandfather’s home where he joins his cousins memo and Luna however shortly after arriving Alex meets a chupacabra a creature that doesn’t seem as terrifying as people say as they become closer Alex gives the creature the name Chupa and discovers that Richard Quinn a medical doctor has been assigned by a suspicious organization with its own Sinister goals to capture a chupacabra later Alex sets off on a remarkable Adventure that will put his extended family’s bonds to the ultimate test as he attempts to protect Chupa from a grave danger the film is nonetheless entertaining despite the story’s shortcomings largely because of the great characters and VFX however if you want to watch a good tale about a mythical creature with impressive visual effects this one will do the trick 

8. Jung_E

It is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action thriller film directed by Yeon Sang-ho the film is set in an extremely dark future where the majority of mankind has relocated to space-based sanctuaries as a result of severe global warming meanwhile in a dystopian world where a civil war threatens to topple the new government one woman must go to any lengths to retrieve a powerful Soldier her own mother in an attempt to build an artificially intelligent Army the main story follows General Yun Jung-yi an excellent fighter who oversaw many missions that were victorious up to her last battle which she lost and fell into a coma years later a tech company encourages Yun Jung-yi family to permit them to clone her mind in order to build an AI fighter The Narrative is emotionally moving although it is also somewhat exciting and engaging the best aspect of the movie is its futuristic Outlook and how it integrates AI into daily life to establish a special kind of social order by the film’s conclusion though the family drama at its Center generally takes priority over all of that interesting Worldbuilding

7. Narvik 

It’s a historical War drama movie that covers the events surrounding the Battle of Narvik which took place from April 9 to June 8 1940. the film takes place in 1940 and tells the story of a little Norwegian settlement named Narvik which is believed to be the supplier of the iron needed for Hitler’s war machines this narrative concentrated on the beginning of the battle in which Hitler’s formidable army suffered its first ever defeat the story uses a specific Soldier Corporal Gunner Toft and the rest of his family to illustrate the Armed Forces combat that took place in Norway during the lengthy German attack in the meantime things are worse for gunner until he joins the team that helps Norway win an important Victory but what is interesting is the war of narvik is considered the largest War conflict ever fought on Norwegian soil overall Narvik is yet another powerful war movie that you won’t regret seeing it contains excellent characters an overwhelming feeling of patriotism emotional storytelling and visual appeal

6. Bird Box Barcelona

It is a 2023 post-apocalyptic horror Thriller film directed by Alex pastor and David Pastor although not a direct sequel the story is a spin-off of 2018 hit film bird box and tells an unconnected story inside the same universe similar to the plot of bird box a mysterious power wipes out all of humanity and strangely these forces are invisible but anyone who tries to see them loses their mind and dies in order to survive one must essentially wear a blindfold the core story focuses on a former technician named Sebastian a man who survived and must do everything in his power to keep his daughter Anna safe as he makes his way through Barcelona’s roads while attempting to stay away from making eye contact with the unknown Invaders later other survivors joined them as they try to adapt to an unfamiliar apocalyptic world in which no one lives after seeing the Invaders who now roam the Earth overall Bird Box Barcelona gets high marks for breaking away from the original movie but eventually struggles because its plot is too aggressively trying to be unique but fans of the first film should remain optimistic as they will enjoy this one for its new twists and a few new post-apocalyptic elements that were missing in the first one 

5. The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must Die

It is a continuation and sort of conclusion of the historical show the last Kingdom the film carries on the television Show’s plot which ended After Five Seasons the plot picks up where the fifth season finale left off it begins following King Edward’s Death which Sparks a conflict for the position of King as competitors as well as foreign armies strive for power the main character of the story is uttered who gets summoned by a United group requesting his help with their plan causing him to choose between his loved ones and his desire to create a unified England The Narrative continues as uttered of bebenberg and his allies travel throughout a nation in conflict in an effort to bring England back together the majority of the show’s cast returned for their parts in the movie and a few new characters were also introduced although many series fans dislike the movie it depends on what you were anticipating after the series’s five-season ending yes the movie lacks the show’s level of focus and feels overcrowded but it does have the same atmosphere as the show including the trademark battle scenes breathtaking scenery and a somewhat satisfying conclusion to the plot

4. Blood and Gold

It is a 2023 historical action drama directed by Peter thorworth the plot takes place during the closing stages of World War II and explores both the hardships of warfare and the terrible actions of Nazi soldiers as they look for a hidden treasure the major plot revolves around two characters Heinrich a German commander and Elsa a Fearless farmer Heinrich is looking for his small daughter and is forced to go away since the Nazis want to kill him for leaving with a merciless Nazi squad on his tail he ended up in a little village where the Nazi troupe had been going from the start after getting to know one another Elsa and Heinrich decide to work together to fight the Nazis who are trying to take the hidden gold treasure in Elsa’s remote Village it is an action-packed search for treasure measured by the Nazis and a struggle for survival for all the others this story shares some plot elements with the most recent action Blockbuster sisu yet it manages to set itself apart from sisu and provides excellent fun because of its surprising Twist of events with its gritty realistic depiction and traditional Western elements blood and gold is an old-fashioned Western of a more modern type

3. Nimona

It is a 2023 animated fantasy Adventure film directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane the plot centers on baluster bold heart a warrior in a modern version of the Middle Ages who is accused of an offense he did not commit baluster has been trained to kill shape-shifters but he needs nimona a shape-shifter assistance to prove his innocence because everyone in the kingdom is trying to capture him but as soon as the distinction separating good from Evil begin to become unclear both of them begin to do severe destruction in order to prove balusters innocence the story is decent predictable and gives little opportunity for unexpected develop developments and it is not as great as Netflix’s most recent animated films like the Sea Beast or Klaus the CGI is inconsistent varying from Fantastic character animations to questionable ones with a terrific blend of comedy and chaotic intensity from nimona the comedy is a further success here she and baluster have a lot of fun joking about it and their connection throughout the film is a real standout

2. AKA

It is an action thriller film directed by Morgan S. Dalibert the story is about an officer named Adam Franco who joins a criminal gang and unintentionally bonds with the leader’s youngest kid Adam Franco is given the responsibility of working undercover for an organized crime group and he must get to know Victor the group’s head but due to unforeseen circumstances Adam eventually finds himself put on a mission where he has to protect the gangster’s son but as Adam grows more connected to Victor he becomes aware of the different challenges his organization faces forcing him to use his extraordinary fighting skills why while preventing himself from being detected you may assume that it will be an ordinary action movie but that is not the case while the story feels familiar the execution is great and there is a Twist that changes everything for the better the action scenes are superbly shot and this adds to the movie’s overall enjoyment do add it to your watch list neither the action nor the plot will let you down

1. The Pale Blue Eye

It is a 2022 mystery thriller film directed by Scott Cooper although everyone has a different view I believe this movie is one of the best and its rating fails to sufficiently convey its incredibly gripping storyline the story unfolds in 1830 when an army officer turns up dead and the mortuary discovers that his heart is missing from the body in the aftermath of this incident authorities from the army facility summoned Augustus Lander a local detective to help investigate the grizzly crime and identify the perpetrator of the horrific act when Lander gets there he asks a quirky but intelligent Young recruit named Edgar Allan Poe for assistance in helping him look into the situation however when they make an effort to analyze the case it plunges viewers into a horrifyingly intriguing mystery where they quickly come to the conclusion that the sequence of the murders indicates a non-human killer the drawbacks are slow-moving story weak uninteresting characters and lack of development however if you can overlook the story’s Slow Burn style of narration it is a really good murder mystery that keeps you interested until the very end.

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