Kavya Kalyanram’s Glamorous Photos in Langa Voni Go Viral

Kavya Kalyan Ram’s Glamorous Photos in Langa Voni Go Viral

Kavya Kalyanram is a star heroine in Tollywood who began her career as a child artist. She rose to fame with the movie ‘Balagam’, where she played the love interest of the hero priyadarshi. The movie, directed by Jabardast comedian Venu, was a huge hit and won over 100 awards. Kavya Kalyanram also earned international acclaim for her role.

She received many offers to act in different movies after the success of Balagam. She had previously acted in a horror movie called Masooda, but her role was not very prominent and she did not gain much recognition. Kavya Kalyanram, who showcased her talent as a heroine in Balagam, is also very active on social media.

She frequently shares glamorous photos of herself that catch the eye of netizens. She recently posted some pictures of her wearing a Langa Voni, a traditional outfit that highlighted her waistline. The pictures became viral on the internet and netizens complimented her for her stunning looks. Some netizens remarked that she looked better in Langa Voni than in jeans and tops, and that she was very fashionable in Langa Voni.

On the work front, Kavya Kalyan Ram’s latest movie was ‘Ustad’, which featured Sree simha as the hero. The movie had a unique story, but it did not impress the audience as much as expected. Kavya Kalyan Ram, who had given back to back hits with ‘Masooda’ and ‘Balagam’, hoped to score a hat-trick with ‘Ustad’. But as the movie flopped, she was disappointed.