C. Kalyan Questions SS Rajamouli’s Talent and Success Rate

Senior producer C. Kalyan shared his views on OTT platforms and director SS Rajamouli. He said that OTT platforms are affecting the theater business, as new movies are released online soon after their theatrical run. He also said that OTT platforms are helping the distributors to avoid losses from flop movies.

He said that many Telugu movies failed to impress the audience and the distributors were saved by OTT deals. He said that people lost a lot of money because of such movies. He predicted that OTT platforms will not last long and a new technology will replace them in the future.

He said that making successful movies is very hard and not even Rajamouli can do it every time. He said that Rajamouli makes movies very rarely and if he makes more movies every year, he will also face failures. He also said that Rajamouli only works with star actors and does not know how to make movies with newcomers. He said that the real talent of a director is to make a hit movie with new actors and release it in theaters. His comments against Rajamouli became viral.

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