SSMB29: Mahesh Babu’s birthday surprise from Rajamouli?

Mahesh Babu’s birthday surprise from Rajamouli

Superstar Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli are teaming up for SSMB29, a film that is expected to be a global sensation. The film’s writer Vijayendra Prasad has revealed that the film will be more than a pan-India project, and that it will be an adventure film set in the Amazon forests. The film will also surpass RRR, Rajamouli’s previous blockbuster, in terms of scale and spectacle.

Fans are curious to know when this film will go on floors, and what kind of updates Rajamouli will give. Rajamouli is known for his masterful marketing strategy, and he always keeps the fans hooked with his powerful updates. He never disappoints the fans, even if he takes some time to give an update. He always raises the bar for his films with every update. But will he give any update on SSMB29 on Mahesh Babu’s birthday August 8? Rajamouli usually gives some update on his films on the stars’ birthdays. Since this is a film with Mahesh Babu, there is a chance that the regular shooting will start this summer, so fans are hoping for some kind of update on this birthday.

However, there is also a concern about how this will affect Guntur Karam, Mahesh Babu’s current film with Trivikram Srinivas. Guntur Karam is already facing some delays, and Mahesh Babu does not seem very confident about it. There are some changes happening in the film, and fans are not very excited about the updates related to the film. There are also comments that the title itself suggests that the film will be a routine commercial film. And now that Mahesh Babu’s film with Rajamouli is going to be something extraordinary, if he gives an update on it, will Guntur Karam lose its appeal? There are also doubts whether Guntur Karam can match up to SSMB29. However, if both films give updates on the same day, there will be some comparison. Let’s see what kind of updates they will give.

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