Netizens Blast Samantha for Doing What She Once Opposed: The Story Behind the Controversy

Samantha, is facing a backlash from netizens over a scene in her upcoming film, “Khushi”. The scene shows Vijay Devarakonda’s foot touching Samantha’s hand. This has triggered a wave of criticism from people who reminded her of her previous objection to a similar scene in Mahesh Babu’s “Nenokkadine”.

In 2014, Samantha had expressed her displeasure over a poster of “Nenokkadine” that showed Mahesh Babu walking ahead while Kriti Sanon was crawling behind him. She had accused the movie makers for demeaning women with such scenes and had faced a lot of opposition for her stance. However, samantha did not back down and continued to fight against such portrayals in movies.

Now, netizens are accusing Samantha of being hypocritical and double-standard for doing a scene that she consider disrespectful to women. They are trolling her on social media platforms and asking her how she feels about it.

Samantha is now in a tight spot as she has to deal with the negative feedback from netizens. She has not yet responded to the controversy. Her film, “Khushi”, is slated to release on September 1. It is a romantic comedy directed by Trivikram Srinivas and co-starring Vijay Devara.

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