Rajinikanth’s Jailer Makes Double Profits in Telugu States

jailer collections

Jailer Collection: Rajinikanth’s Jailer movie is a box office hit. The film collected 350 crores in five days and broke many records. The movie is making profits for the producers in Telugu states. In Telugu, the film has grossed 40 crores and shared collections of 24 crores as of Monday. With a break-even target of 13 crores, it brought double profits to the producers. In Nizam area, Jailer collected the highest collection of up to 11 crores.

On Monday, Jailer collected 6 crores in Telugu states and 48 crores worldwide. The film is performing better overseas than in India at the box office. It has grossed up to 150 crores in overseas so far. 100 crores in Tamil Nadu, 37 crores in Karnataka and 28 crores in Kerala.

The film has grossed 350 crores and shared over 173 crores worldwide in five days. Trade circles say that Jailer movie has brought a profit of up to 50 crores to the producers within five days of its release, with a worldwide break-even target of 120 crores.

Jailer is directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar. Rajinikanth plays a retired jailer who takes revenge for his son’s death, along with his mannerisms, the action sequences filmed on him are attracting fans.

Ramya Krishna and Tamanna played key roles in this movie. Mohanlal, Shivrajkumar and Jackie Shroff acted in guest roles.

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