Reba Monica John Opens Up About How She Lost ‘Bro’ Movie Chance with Pawan Kalyan

Reba Monica John Opens Up About How She Lost ‘Bro’ Movie Chance with Pawan Kalyan

Reba Monica John, the heroine of ‘Samajavaragamana’, talks about her missed chance in ‘Bro’: The film ‘Samajavaragamana’, which came out as a low-budget movie in Tollywood, turned out to be a huge hit. The film, starring Sree Vishnu and Reba Monica John, was produced by Anil Sunkara and Rajesh Danda and directed by Ram Abbaraju. It was released on June 29 and earned more than Rs. 40 crores, surprising everyone. The director and the actors did a great job of creating humour in almost every scene. The comedy timing between hero Sree Vishnu and Naresh was particularly impressive. In a recent interview, heroine Reba Monica John shared how she started her career and her connection with Pawan Kalyan’s film ‘Bro’.

Reba expressed her gratitude to the Telugu audience for supporting her debut film. She said she is a Malayali and did some Malayalam films after finishing her studies. Reba added that the film ‘Forensic’ gave her a good name, and ‘Samajavaragamana’ was her first Telugu film to release in theatres.

She revealed that she came for the look test for the film ‘Bro’, but she met Rajesh, the producer of Samajavaragamana, through a mutual friend. She liked the story and agreed to do the movie. Reba said she was very happy to be part of a good film like ‘Samajavaragamana’ even though she missed the opportunity to act in ‘Bro’.

Reba said that ‘Samajavaragamana’ is a very special film to her; Naresh and Sree Vishnu helped her with their comedy timing and acting skills. She said that despite acting in many South films before, she only got good recognition through Samajavaragamana, which made her feel very lucky.

Reba expressed her openness to any role in Telugu if it has significance in the story. She also revealed her admiration for Pawan Kalyan in Tollywood and her wish to work with him in the future, despite missing out on ‘Bro’.