Rekha’s Shocking Secret: Is She in a Live-in Relationship with Her Female Secretary?

Bollywood actress Rekha has been involved in many romantic affairs in her life. Recently, something is going viral on internet about rekha’s live-in relationship with her female secretary. Not only that, there are rumours that this is also the reason for Rekha’s husband’s suicide.

In the past, Rekha was the dream girl of many boys. Her name alone would make boys’ hearts flutter. The personal life of Actress Rekha has always been a topic of discussion.

Rekha’s live-in relationship with female secretary:

Recently, an interesting news is spreading about Rekha’s Relationship with her secretary. The news that Rekha is in a live-in relationship with her female secretary is now everywhere. The source of this news is Rekha’s biography. Author Yasser Usman has written a book on Rekha’s life. Now he has exposed the secrets of Rekha’s life to everyone. Through ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’, Yasser Usman has disclosed something that was hidden until now. Many people are eagerly waiting to read Rekha’s untold story.

Her secretary’s name is Farzana. Rekha’s biography writer Yasser reveals that Rekha is in a live-in relationship with her female secretary. Farzana is the only person who can enter Rekha’s bedroom. They have been together for almost three decades. Another thing that many people in Bollywood know that Rekha trusts Farzana a lot. Rekha also listens to whatever Farzana says. Many people say that if Farzana wants Rekha to do something, she will do it.

Another interesting aspect of Yasser’s book ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’ is about the story of Rekha’s husband. Rekha was married to Mukesh Aggarwal. Actually, Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan had a love relationship before her marriage. But when Jaya Bachchan became serious, Rekha left him. Later, Rekha suddenly married Mukesh Aggarwal, a Delhi-based industrialist, and shocked everyone. Rekha married Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990. This marriage caused a lot of discussion at that time.

Because Mukesh came into Rekha’s life out of nowhere. They met only four or five times and then got married. When asked about her marriage with Aggarwal, Rekha gave a strange answer. ‘I am busy with my career. I wanted to get married. It doesn’t matter where we met, when we met or how we met. We met. What matters is that we are married. It is important to know what I have learned and what I have lost from this marriage.’ She said.

The most shocking thing is that within a year of marriage, Rekha’s husband Mukesh committed suicide by hanging himself. It is said that he was under stress at that time due to business losses and marital problems.

But what Yasser indirectly says in this book is that Rekha’s relationship with her secretary is the main reason for Mukesh’s death. He suggested that he killed himself because of this. But Rekha says that she considers Farzana as her sister.