Bholaa Shankar Twitter Review: Chiranjeevi’s Remake Gets Mixed Response from Audience and Critics

Bholaa Shankar Twitter Review

Bholaa Shankar Twitter review:

Bholaa Shankar, the Telugu remake of the Tamil blockbuster Vedalam, starring Chiranjeevi, Keerthy Suresh, and Tamannaah Bhatia, has finally released in theatres today. The film, directed by Meher Ramesh and produced by Anil Sunkara, is a mass entertainer with a mix of comedy, action, sentiment, and romance. The film has been creating a lot of buzz ever since its announcement, and fans have been eagerly waiting to see Chiranjeevi in a dual role of a loving brother and a ruthless gangster.

However, the film has received mixed reviews from the audience and critics on Twitter. While some have praised the film for its entertaining first half, comedy scenes, dance numbers, and performances by the lead actors, others have criticized it for its predictable plot, unoriginal screenplay, weak second half, and poor background music. Some have also compared it unfavorably with the original film and found Chiranjeevi’s age and appearance unsuitable for the role.

Bholaa Shankar Twitter Review:

Here are some of the tweets from the netizens who have watched the film:

  • @Rajesh: #BholaaShankar is a decent watch with good comedy and sentiment in first half. Chiru is superb as always. Keerthy Suresh is cute and Tamannaah is hot. Songs are good. Second half is average with routine revenge drama. Overall a one time watch for fans and family audience.
  • @Sandeep: Watched #BholaaShankar premier in USA. What a disaster! The film is a scene to scene copy of #Vedalam with no creativity or innovation. Chiru looks old and tired. Keerthy Suresh is annoying. Tamannaah is wasted. Music is loud and irritating. Avoid this crap at any cost.
  • @Priya: Just watched #BholaaShankar with my family. Loved it! Chiru is awesome as Bholaa Shankar and Ganesh. He is so funny and stylish. Keerthy Suresh is adorable as his sister. Tamannaah is gorgeous and dances well. The film has everything for everyone. Don’t miss it!
  • @Ravi: #BholaaShankar is a huge disappointment. The film has nothing new to offer. It is a boring and outdated remake of #Vedalam with no soul or emotion. Chiru is miscast as Bholaa Shankar. He looks too old for the role. Keerthy Suresh is overacting. Tamannaah is just a glam doll. Music is bad.
  • @Anil: #BholaaShankar is a good entertainer with a balance of comedy, action, and sentiment. Chiru rocks as Bholaa Shankar and Ganesh. He shows his versatility and charisma. Keerthy Suresh is impressive as his sister. Tamannaah is stunning and adds glamour to the film. Music is catchy.

The film has also received some reviews from trade analysts and media outlets, who have given their ratings and opinions on the film’s box office prospects.

  • @UmairSandu: First Review #BholaaShankar : Disaster Mass Masala flick. Grandpa #Chiranjeevi is full on “ Tharki ” mood. He is touching bodies of young actresses in movie. Worst Remake of #Vedalam with Stupid action stunts. Telugu audience should grow up & boycott these Nonsense films.

It remains to be seen how the film will perform at the box office in the coming days, and whether it will be able to impress the audience and critics. Bholaa Shankar is one of the most awaited films of the year, and has a lot of expectations riding on it. Will it live up to the hype or fall short of it? Only time will tell.