Director Walks Out of the Film Due to Creative Differences

kalyan ram devil movie news

Kalyan Ram’s Devil movie has been in the news for a long time, but not for the right reasons. The film, which was announced in 2021 with Naveen Medaram as the director, has seen a major change behind the scenes. Producer Abhishek Nama has taken over the direction of the film and has officially declared himself as the new director. This has raised many questions in Tollywood about why Naveen Medaram opted out of the film when it was nearing completion and release.

The film is slated to hit the screens on November 24 this year, but the posters and press notes of the film do not mention Naveen Medaram’s name at all. Instead, Abhishek Nama’s name appears as the director. There are rumors that Naveen Medaram had a fallout with the producer and some other members of the crew and was sidelined during the post-production work. The director was also absent from the previous promotional events of the film. It is not clear whether Kalyan Ram was aware of this change or not.

Devil is a spy thriller set in the pre-1947 era, when the British Residency was in power. Kalyan Ram plays a British secret agent in the film, opposite Samyukta Menon as the female lead. This is their second film together after Bimbisara.