Hyper Aadi And Varshini Marriage: The Truth Behind The Rumours

Hyper Aadi And Varshini Marriage: There have been rumours that TV comedian Hyper Aadi is getting married to a senior anchor, and some have even claimed that the anchor is Varshini. Some have gone further and said that they have already got engaged. However, these rumours are false and have no basis.

Hyper Aadi and Varshini are both popular TV personalities in Telugu states. They were seen as team leaders in Dhee Show, along with Sudhir and Rashmi. Varshini also hosted other TV programs and was friendly with everyone. She never got involved in any controversies.

However, some websites and YouTube channels have spread the news that Hyper Aadi is marrying an anchor who has supported him throughout his career and has become his friend. They have also said that they have fallen in love and have fixed their wedding dates. They have used thumbnails that suggest that the anchor is Varshini.

But the truth is different. According to TV sources, Varshini is in a relationship with a director named Manikantha (not the dancer of the show). He is working as a creative director in Mallemala, but he is planning to quit soon. The director Sripada has already left the company. Manikantha and Varshini are planning to get married after he leaves Mallemala. This news has not been officially announced yet.

So, the news of Varshini’s marriage with Hyper Aadi is not true. Hyper Aadi is busy with TV shows and movies. He also attends Jana Sena party meetings and gives speeches. He is said to be a fan of Pawan Kalyan and wants to follow his footsteps. He is also hoping for an MLA ticket.

Varshini, on the other hand, is focusing on films. She recently acted in Bhaag Saale, which was released on OTT. She played an important role in the film. She also appears in TV shows occasionally. She has not given any clarity about her marriage yet.