‘Jawan’ to Oscars? Atlee’s Joke Sparks Hilarious Memes and Backlash

‘Jawan’, the action blockbuster starring Shah Rukh Khan and directed by Tamil sensation Atlee, is creating history in Bollywood. The film has already crossed the 800 crore mark and is on its way to touch 1000 crores. The director and the star are overjoyed by the phenomenal response from the audience.

In a recent interview, Atlee jokingly said that ‘Jawan’ should be sent to Oscars. He said, “Why not? If everything goes well, I think Jawan deserves it. I think every filmmaker and technician dreams of winning awards like Golden Globes, Oscars, National Awards, etc. So, yes, I would love to take Jawan to the Oscars. Let’s see. I hope Khan sir sees this interview. I will also call him and ask ‘Sir, shall we take this film to the Oscars?”

Atlee’s humorous remark was taken out of context by some trollers and memers who started mocking the film and the director. They accused Atlee of being a ‘Copy Paste’ director who rehashes scenes from old films.