JD Chakravarthy Shuts Down a Rude YouTuber Who Tried to Insult Him

jd chakravarthy

JD Chakravarthy, who is famous for playing the villain role in RGV Shiva movie, is not seen on the screen very often, but he is not short of offers from the producers and directors. He is very selective about his roles and does not accept them easily. JD, who still maintains his youthful looks and energy, is going to entertain the audience once again with Daya, which will be released on Hot Star next month. JD is promoting his film with full enthusiasm. But, he made a headline with his straightforward comment in a chat with a YouTuber.

The interviewer asked him bluntly that he had a slump period after Satya. JD replied without hesitation “yes, it was true, that’s why i had to talk to people like you”. He implied that if he had hits and was in good form, he would not need to give interviews to small-time YouTubers like him. He gave a fitting reply to the interviewer who tried to belittle him.

Daya is directed by Pawan Sadhineni and stars JD Chakravarthy as a cab driver who is deaf. The trailer has created a good buzz for the film. He is confident that this film will give him a break. There are also reports that Junior NTR has a special role in the film, but he is not revealing anything about it. JD Chakravarthy is a person who does not hesitate to openly criticize his mentor Ram Gopal Varma if he feels he is wrong. That is why he gave such a sharp answer in this interview.