Junior Power Star Akira Nandan’s Surprise Appearance at ‘Bro’ Movie

Junior Power Star Akira Nandan

The movie ‘Bro’ is creating a sensation at the Tollywood box office. The fans of Pawan are rushing to the theaters. The excitement is notable near the screens since morning. The halls are filled with cheers and applause. Pawan’s performance is being hailed as a one man show and the movie is being declared as a blockbuster hit. The social media is also buzzing with the same frenzy. The videos of the movie and the fans’ reactions near the theaters are everywhere.

But there is another trend that is catching attention. It is about Pawan’s son Akira Nandan. He also went to watch his father’s movie in a theater like a fan. He came to Sudarshan Theater in RTC Crossroads and joined the celebration. This made the fans even more joyful. They got a double treat by seeing Pawan’s movie and his son. They cheered for Akira outside the hall. They made the theater echo with whistles and claps. They captured him on their cell phones and shared the video on the internet. After watching this video, netizens and fans commented ‘Junior Power Star’. They were delighted to see Akira. They praised him for his cuteness and style. They urged him to enter movies soon.

In this video, Akira can be seen wearing a white T-shirt and a mask, getting out of his car and entering the theater in a stylish manner. Meanwhile, the fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan have been eagerly waiting for his son Akira Nandan’s film debut for a long time. He has a good physique and a height of six feet. He is said to have all the qualities to become a bigger superstar than his father. They hope that he will make a grand entry into films one day.