Rashmika Mandanna’s Secret Visit to ‘Baby’ Premiere Show: What’s the Reason?

Rashmika Mandanna

Last evening, an exclusive screening of the newly released movie “Baby” took place, drawing the presence of several celebrities, including stars such as Vijay Devarakonda, Raashi Khanna, and others. To everyone’s surprise, Actress Rashmika Mandanna made a hidden appearance, avoiding showing her face or posing for photographs.

Rashmika came to the show, but she did not want anyone to see her. She wore a mask and simple clothes and entered the theatre from the back door. She did not pose for any pictures or talk to anyone. She quickly went inside the theatre where the movie was playing.

Why did Rashmika do this? Some people think that she did not have time to get ready in fancy clothes and makeup. Some people think that she might have chosen secrecy to avoid fueling the ongoing rumors about her alleged closeness with Vijay Devarakonda.

Regardless of the reasons behind her secret attendance, she could not hide from the photographers who were waiting outside. They saw her in the mask and took her pictures. Rashmika also said ‘hi’ to them and smiled. She did not seem angry or upset. She just wanted to watch the movie quietly and support her friend’s brother.

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