Rekha Boj’s Bold Promise: Will Run Naked on Vizag Beach for India’s World Cup Victory

Rekha Bhoj’s Bold Promise: Will Run Naked on Vizag Beach for India’s World Cup Victory

As the World Cup 2023 mega tournament progresses, India is unstoppable. It has displayed its dominance by winning against every opponent. In this ICC World Cup 2023, India has achieved a remarkable feat of winning ten consecutive matches. With this performance, Indians are confident that India will lift the World Cup. Amidst this scenario, Tollywood actress and Vizag native Rekha Boj made a daring statement.

Rekha Boj posted a sensational message on her Instagram, saying, “If India wins the World Cup… I will run naked on the Vizag beach.” Running naked in a public place is called streaking. This post has become a sensation on social media. And now Rekha Boj’s remarks are creating a buzz on the internet. However, this is not the first time that models like Poonam Pandey have made such promises if India wins the World Cup.

Netizens are commenting that these statements are only for publicity and attention. Rekha Boj responds, “Cricket is an emotion. So there is nothing wrong in expressing myself. I am doing this out of love for Indian cricket… not for hype.” Rekha Boj has starred in many Telugu films, such as Damini Villa and Katsayani, but she did not get much fame.

Rekha Boj has her own studio in Vizag and makes cover songs. They are very popular on social media. She also posts hot photos on social media, which are going viral.