Sairajesh Opens Up About Vishwaksen’s Sarcastic Comments

The movie “Baby” was a blockbuster hit in Tollywood this year. The film, which had a modest budget of around 5 crores, surprised the audience by collecting more than 80 crores. It was the most profitable movie for the producers in 2023. Director Sairajesh had initially planned to cast Vishwaksen as the hero in this film.

However, Vishwaksen allegedly rejected the offer without listening to the story. He later made a sarcastic comment at a film event, saying that he was not biryani to satisfy everyone.

Sairajesh recently spoke about this issue and confirmed that Vishwaksen’s statement was correct. He said that he had approached Vishwaksen with the script, but the actor did not show any interest. Sairajesh wondered why Vishwaksen missed the opportunity and hinted that he might not be among the actor’s favorite directors.

Sairajesh expressed his displeasure with Vishwaksen’s way of saying no to the film. He said that he was hurt by Vishwaksen’s words.He said that Vishwaksen did not mention his name anywhere after rejecting the film “Baby” and that actors should be respectful when they decline offers. He said that he had no grudge against Vishwaksen in this matter.

Sairajesh also recalled that he had worked hard to get Vishwaksen’s first film, “Vellipomake,” released. The movie “Baby” starred Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin and Vaishnavi Chaitanya as the lead actors

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