Who is Vishwak Sen targeting with his sarcastic tweets?

Vishwak Sen, a young and promising actor in Tollywood, has been making headlines for his controversial decisions and statements. The actor, who is currently shooting for a film with debutant director Ravi Teja Mullapudi, has posted some mysterious tweets that have left his fans and followers baffled.

Vishwak Sen first shared a smiling emoji on Twitter, without any caption or context. He then followed it up with another tweet that read, “”No means no” applies to men as well, so let’s keep it cool and refrain from shouting. We’re all about that peaceful vibe here, so let’s just relax.” The tweet did not mention any names or incidents, but it seemed to be a sarcastic remark aimed at someone.

The netizens started to wonder who Vishwak Sen was referring to and what was the reason behind his tweets. Some of them speculated that he might be indirectly addressing baby movie director Sai Rajesh, who had earlier revealed that a hero rejected his film, Baby, without even listening to the story. The director had expressed his disappointment and said that he had a sleepless night because of the rejection. Even Allu Arjun had mentioned this incident in his speech at the Baby success meet, saying that Sai Rajesh approached a hero but he did not show any interest in the narration. Some people guessed that Vishwak Sen might be the hero who turned down Sai Rajesh’s film.

However, there is no official confirmation or clarification from Vishwak Sen or Sai Rajesh on this matter. It is also possible that Vishwak Sen’s tweets might be a publicity stunt for one of his upcoming films. Vishwak has two other projects in the pipeline, which are expected to release this year.

Vishwak Sen had earlier landed in trouble when he accepted a film with veteran actor and director Arjun Sarja, but later backed out of it due to creative differences. The actor was criticized for his unprofessionalism and attitude by Arjun Sarja and his fans.

Vishwak Sen is known for his bold and outspoken personality, but his recent tweets have raised many questions. Fans and followers are eagerly waiting for him to clear the air and reveal the truth behind his cryptic tweets.