Megastar Chiranjeevi: The Unshakeable Emperor of Tollywood

megastar chiranjeevi

Mega star Chiranjeevi is one of the most popular and influential actors in india cinema. With a fan base that spans across generations and a career that has lasted for more than 40 years, Chiranjeevi has been a part of over 150+ movies, received numerous accolades, and won the hearts of millions of people. Chiranjeevi is not only a brilliant actor, but also a kind and humble person, who has helped many aspiring filmmakers and artists in the industry.

However, recently, he faced some criticism and trolling on social media after his latest movie Bhola Shankar failed to impress the audience and critics. Many media outlets and social media users started making negative comments on Chiranjeevi’s performance, appearance, age, and choice of movies. They compared him with other actors and questioned his star status. They also made fun of his dialogues, songs, and action scenes. Some even called him a flop star and asked him to retire from acting.

These trolls are unfair and disrespectful to Chiranjeevi, who has given so much to the Telugu film industry and the society. A single flop movie does not define his legacy or talent. He has delivered many blockbuster hits in his career and also experimented with different genres and roles.

Megastar has also supported many newcomers and struggling filmmakers in the industry. He has launched the careers of many actors, directors, producers, writers, composers, singers, etc. mentored and guided many young talents and given them valuable advice.

Chiranjeevi made the movie Bhola Shankar just to help his brother Meher Ramesh, who has been associated with him for many years. Meher Ramesh is a director who has made four movies so far, but none of them were successful at the box office. Chiranjeevi agreed to do Bhola Shankar as a favor to Meher Ramesh and to give him a chance to prove himself. He did not care about the outcome of the movie or his image. He did it out of goodwill and friendship. No other star heroes have the courage to take such a risk for the sake of their relationships or friendships.

However, some people did not understand this gesture and started trolling him mercilessly. Such negativity is not good for anyone and it is useless. It does not affect Chiranjeevi’s stature or popularity. It only shows the ignorance and intolerance of some people.

He is a legend who has inspired generations of actors and filmmakers. He is a mega star who has entertained millions of people with his charisma and talent. He is a hero who has touched many lives with his generosity and humility.

He is Megastar Chiranjeevi who will always be the Emperor of Tollywood.