Rana says sorry to Sonam Kapoor, but she hits back with a powerful quote

rana sonam kapoor

Rana apologizes to Sonam Kapoor, but she is not impressed: Tollywood actor Rana recently posted a long apology to Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor on social media. He said that he was sorry for his comments that were misinterpreted and caused a lot of negativity online. His apology went viral on the internet. However, Sonam Kapoor did not seem to accept his apology. Netizens speculated that she gave a subtle reply to Rana through a post on her Instagram stories. She shared a quote by US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt that read, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” The quote implied that Sonam Kapoor was referring to Rana as a small-minded person who talked about her negatively. The post came soon after Rana tweeted his apology, which made people think that it was aimed at him. Earlier, Rana had praised Malayalam actor Dulquer Salmaan at an event and indirectly criticized the heroine of his Hindi film for being indisciplined. The heroine was Sonam Kapoor, and this led to trolling on the internet. Rana then realized his mistake and apologized to Sonam. But Sonam made a new post that showed her displeasure.